Young, expert and with strong team spirit: this is our true strength!

We founded Gruppo di Ricerca Dedalos to manage activities and services in the field of Cultural Heritage and archaeology. At the time –it was 2002 – most of us came from the Faculty of Cultural Heritage (where we had graduated and carried out research), and we shared the passion for culture and travels.

Therefore, we soon searched for and obtained accreditation for archaeological research by the Apulia Region’s Department of Archaeological Heritage, and the University of Salento’s Department of Cultural Heritage.

Soon our team has grown in size, following the involvement of new professionals and thanks to the increasingly closer collaboration with a team of computer science engineers. This allowed us to specialize in destination marketing and destination management, as well as to carry out important actions for the promotion of Apulia on the national and international tourism market.

At the moment, we are active in Italy and collaborate with several public and private partners; we manage three tourism brands (‘Travelling with Pro Locos’, Discover South Italy, and Italia Travel Expert), and their respective web portals; furthermore, we are responsible for some Local Action Groups and public entities’ tourism marketing.

In addition, since 2011 we are the sole provider of tourism services to almost 600,000 members of the Italian Pro Locos (i.e. tourism promotion associations). We are also in charge of the National Union of Pro Locos’ Marketing Dept., as we have been managing the social tourism project entitled ‘Travelling with Pro locos’.

Last but not least, we work with and for businesses, both through public fund raising (such as the European Union ESF, ERDF, EFF or the Regional Development Fund), and through business development services.

Today like in the past, we can count on young and highly skilled working members that share strong team spirit: this is our true strength!