Tourism 2.0

An efficient tourism marketing strategy relies on ICT to both grab consumers’ attention, and to allow tourism businesses to sell their services more effectively to their customers.

For this reason, we have developed two online hotel reservation portals, Discover South Italy and Travelling with Pro Locos, plus an eMagazine linked to the former.

We have also developed an eLearning platform, Italia Travel Expert, destined to Italian and foreign travel agents.

Italia Travel Expert is a multilingual eLearning platform for travel agents’ permanent training, that allows them to qualify as experts of the destinations that will be dealt with, and to specialize in the sale of the services the local tourism businesses can provide.

Indeed, Italia Travel Expert provides travel agents with the knowledge and skills needed to sell a destination more effectively to their customers. Therefore, the platform lays the foundations of direct and stable relations between destinations, the tourism industry and the travel agencies.

Training consists of basic courses (necessary to get the Certificate), and advanced modules/courses on specific topics (natural and cultural heritage; local food and wine; arts and crafts; events; local tourism businesses) with texts, pictures, videos and contacts of local stakeholders and private operators.

Discover South Italy is an online reservation system that aims to promote South Italy in a different way: it gives visibility mainly to the small villages and their peculiarities (e.g. cultural and natural heritage; traditions; food and wine; events).

At the same time, it works as a store of information about three main tourism destinations – Salento (in Apulia), Pollino National Park (halfway between Basilicata and Calabria), and Etna National Park (in Sicily) – and the activities/tourism services that tourists or locals can do/book (e.g. thematic tours; events; excursions; accommodation; restaurants; museums etc.).

Travelling with Pro Locos is an online reservation system developed by Gruppo di Ricerca Dedalos, in collaboration with the tour operator, Meltemi Vacanze & Resort, and the 6,000 Italian Pro Locos (namely the most active tourism promotion associations).

The portal promotes tourism itineraries and holiday packages especially designed for those who wish to discover a destination, its traditions and cultural heritage, who want to try the local food and wine, and get in touch with everyday life.

Our Services

We design and develop mainly tourism promotion portals, that we also advertise on the web (i.e. through targeted social media marketing campaigns).

We manage the whole project cycle: from the preliminary meetings with the promotion entity to the web site design and development, the traffic analysis, the online advertising and website update.